Concussion is a Communication Agency focused in branding. They wanted to create a concussion through excellent branding communication.

I began the most basic form of concussion, as a crack.
Once I had a recognizable crack, I applied it to different elements.   I wanted to have a logo composed of the crack and something else but I also wanted to be able to use the crack by itself.
I decided to go with the skull and now I am going to try a few different designs.
This skull is very iconic and far enough from bad connotations. The typography is Museo sans. It is a clean typeface that matches very well with the design of the skull.
I realized that the logo looks as the result of a concussion that happened in the past. It is not catching the moment, so I added the vibration of the concussion getting the final design. 
Some collaterals.
A couple of examples of how to use the brand and the creative path they should follow.

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